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World Children’s Award 2015

         At their world festival, the children presented the   Olympiad winners presented the “World Children’s
         “World Children’s Award 2015” to The Swatch Group  Award 2015” to the educators they admired the most:
         (Switzerland) and Akira Foundation (Japan).          Ms. Shona Hammond Boys (founder of the New
                                                              Zealand Children’s Art House Foundation), Mr. Fato
         Frank Furlan, President of the Swatch Group (USA),  Wheremongar (founder, ChildArt Liberia), and Mr.
         accepted the award for The Swatch Group.  “We        Ssembiro Mike (ICAF representative in Uganda).
         are honored to have received The World’s Children’s
         Award 2015 as a tribute to companies and organiza-   The WCF logo and the World Children’s Award
         tions that recognize creativity and promotion of art    The WCF logo resulted from a design competition
         for art’s sake by children,” he said.                among 19 countries at the Cannes Lions in Cannes,
                                                              France. The winner was a German team from Kolle
         Hirofumi Yokoi, President, Akira Foundation, trav-   Rebbe in Hamburg.  The award itself was designed by
         elled from Tokyo to accept the award. “We are truly   Sergey Eylanbekov, who is the sculptor for the Dwight
         honored and humbled to accept the World Children’s   D. Eisenhower Memorial to be built in Washington,
         Award,” he said.                                     D.C. under the creative direction of Frank Gehry.

         At the World Children’s Awards Banquet, the Arts

                                                      On the left,
                                          Ms. Shona Hammond Boys.

                   On the right, Mr. Furlan, on the right, Mr. Yokoi, kneeling down on the floor.

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