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5th World Children’s Festival
          Three famous artists host workshops: Antje Tesche-
          Mentzen, who has her studios in Munich and Ven-
          ice; Narmina Veliyeva, who is an artist in Baku;
          and Ngozi Akande, president of Female Artists      
          Association of Nigeria and deputy director of the
          National Council for the Arts and Culture (ICAF
          partner in Nigeria).

                                                                                      The Pinhole Project of

                                                                                       Şenay Yaşsar, Sinem Poyraz
                                                                                       and Bose Öngen of Turkey
                                                                                       showed the magic of light and
                                                                                       photography to the delegates
          Narmina Veliyeva.
                                                                                       who took photographs and
                                                                                       took home their rolls. The
                                       Top: Antje Tesche-Mentzen.
                                       Left: Ngozi Akande.                             delegates from Azerbaijan
                                                                                       produced a fashion show that
                                                                                       showcased their culture (pho-
                                                                                       tos 1 and 2).

          Danish artist Martin Nore enter-
          tained young artists with the motion
          painting of a mural (photos 3,4,5,
          and 6).


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