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Adelina Rupolo (age 11, Australia). “True Blue Australians.” After
        returning home from the WCF,  Adelina wrote: “It’s not every
        day you get chosen to fly to America and experience a once in
        a life time art extravaganza. I will remember the memories of
        America and the fun I had over the five days forever. I’m sure
        the same goes for everyone else who was able to share the
        most wonderful experience with me at the 5th World Chil-  Ellie Wrigley (age 11, Washington-USA) “Big snow-capped mountains
        dren’s Festival.”                                       loom high above you. Tightening the straps on your snowboard and se-
                                                                curing the harness on a kite you are connected to. You are kiteboarding.
                                                                Similar to snowboarding, the only difference is that you have a kite. Or
                                                                a parachute above you. You jump off of a higher point of the mountain.
                                                                Gliding through the sky, you take in the beautiful scene below.”

                         Arjaa Raghu (age 11, Illinois-USA) “I chose Michael Phelps because he won the most Olympic
                         Gold medals in a single sport in the history of Olympics, and he is my “Super Hero”. Winning one
                         Olympic Gold medal is one’s lifetime achievement. Think of 5 Gold Medals in individual events and
                         3 Gold medals in team events—a total of eight, which is definitely amazing and mind blowing.”

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