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Ostap Bolyukh (age 11, Texas-USA) “Sky Ball is a phe-
        nomenal sport in which a baseball team protects the
        earth from any harm, overcoming asteroids and cosmic
        debris with the sheer power of will and a baseball bat. I   Lovemore Moyo, Jr. (age 10, Liberia). “I love sport so much that I do my
        feel empowered to be a hero by looking at my artwork.   sport through farm work. I love my farm sport that I pray for good health
        Determination and positive outlook serve as my inspi-  every day to follow my parents. The interesting part of my farm sport is
        ration throughout the day. Sky Ball reflects my dreams   during the harvest time, it’s interesting because I love to pick the remains
        and vision of a world where each and every one of us   of the crops, when my parents pack the crops, and I love to run through
        will be a hero, doing only good to better the world.”  the farm, my siblings and me. Sport is good on the farm. “

        Alejandra Piaz (age 9, Guatemala) “I
        wanted to do a very special person: Mateo         Regina Tagbashie (age 11, Ghana) “There have been war in most African coun-
        Flores because he was a fantastic runner
        that my great grandfather met. This paint-        tries and so far to what I know only games like this can bring us together in one
                                                          unity. Let’s play for unity and peace.”
        ing is about running. But not just running,
        it’s about never giving up no matter what!

                                                   Elizabeth Tewsley (age 11, Kentucky-USA). “My drawing shows myself and others cheer-
                                                   leading at a basketball game in the school gymnasium. Students are sitting in the back-
                                                   ground watching as we perform a spectacular movement, raising another cheerleader
                                                   in the air. The boys are shooting a goal in the background. Cheerleading is fun and I get
                                                   to meet other new friends in the sport. We have to do lots of energetic exercises and
                                                   keep fit so we practice a lot. We cheer at games to encourage and inspire the team
                                                   to play, and most of all to win. We say … “Let’s get fired up!”. Competition in sports is
                                                   good for kids since it teaches them to use their minds and bodies wisely and also to
                                                   stay out of trouble. It teaches them how to work together and to keep peace.”

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