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Once in a Lifetime. ..Times Two

         by TEODORA LAZAR

                                                                 over the Atlantic Ocean, traveling alone for the very first
                                                                 time. On my way, I realized that as long as your motiva-
                                                                 tion exceeds your fear, you are unstoppable.
                                                                    When the skies finally took me to the WCF for the
                                                                 second time, I had the unique chance to speak on the
                                                                 world stage, right in front of The White House. The
                                                                 workshop I organized, ”Painting of Singing Birds”, had
                                                                 over 100 participants, made up of some of the most
                                                                 talented and creative children on earth. I was happy to
         They say that the best things in life happen only once.   see the shapes painted at my workshop worn with pride
         The World Children’s Festival is one of the most relevant   by the young artists in the following days. The speeches I
         examples of ”best thing ever” for me. It seems surreal   prepared for the festival gave me the chance to share my
         every time I retell it. Winning the 4th Arts Olympiad in   experience, revealing how art changed me and how I view
         2011 proved to me that being passionate about something  every artistic opportunity as a way to evolve. I admit most
         and working hard is the recipe to what people call suc-  of my journey toward my goals is still to come, but step
         cess. Passion for art was not something I chose, but rather   by step, I am building my own way. Some steps might be
         something that chose me at some point in my life, and   insecure and some decisions may not be the best ones, but
         has shaped me ever since. The moment I stepped on the   I am sure that action, hope, passion, and enthusiasm can
         National Mall and saw the 4th World Children’s Festival   influence our path in a great way. Once again, Euro-Asia
         unfold in front of me, all my insecurities and fears of be-  Promotion and Cultural Foundation (ICAF national part-
         ing in that new place faded away. I realized that it wasn’t a   ner) and the County Council of Maramures trusted me to
         competition of talents anymore, it was a world of chil-  represent Romania at the WCF. When I returned home,
         dren, a place of knowledge and - most of all - a nation of  the media became interested in my story. Many newspa-
         friendship. The WCF helped me evolve as a young artist.   pers published stories about the WCF and the photos I
         Once I came home, I was more than happy to share my     had taken. I was invited to a TV show to talk about my
         story and began encouraging talented children to partici-  accomplishments at the festival. This coverage had an
         pate to the next Arts Olympiad.                         extraordinary impact. Many talented children, discour-
           Imagine my surprise when, a few years after the event   aged by the insecure life of artists today, gained courage to
         that changed my artistic and personal life, I was given the   use their imagination to dream of perfection and work to
         chance to represent Romania once again by participating   make it happen.
         in the 5th World Children’s Festival as an ICAF youth      The outcome of the WCF was more than just a festi-
         board member and workshop leader. Since I am fascinated  val. Hundreds of children discovered that art, education,
         by Romanian traditional crafts, I chose to teach one of   and friendship are key values of an ideal world. As for
         my dearest handicrafts, painting on ceramics. Not only   me, I realized that no experience is the same, regardless of
         does this technique add beauty to ceramic forms, but it   how often it is repeated. Now each time I have to make a
         also shows us that no matter how much the world has     choice about my future, I choose art every time.3
         changed, we still find joy in things we helped create. Luck-
         ily, the County Council of Maramures was very open to   Teodora Lazar was a winner of the 4th Arts Olympiad
         my ideas and fully supported my participation at the 5th   and is a current ICAF Youth Board Member.
         WCF. What awaited me was a long and terrifying flight

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