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Hunter Foster (age 8,
                                                Indonesia). “Me and
                                                my mom are playing
                                                badminton. You must be
                                                confuse why there is a
                                                pony, because I like my
                                                pony. I like pony same
                                                as I feel like and excited
                                                when I play badminton. I
                                                like badminton so much,
                                                because it’s fun and can
                                                make me taller.”

                                                                     Aishling Kelly (age 11, Arizona-USA) “My artwork shows motion
                                                                     through gymnastics. I’ve always been inspired by the potential
                                                                     of the human body. Gymnastics shows a great use of this ability
                                                                     to its full extent. I’ve enjoyed gymnastics since I was very little.
                                                                     It’s a fun way to exercise and become more flexible. I believe
         Adan Maxwell (age 10, Morocco) “Quidditch” a com-           that combining art with sports is a great way to show different
         petitive sport Wizarding World of the Harry Potter          aspects that compose a healthy mind and body.”

        Artists Selection for the WCF                          Athens in 1896 with only 13 nations participating.
                                                               The Baron, who also founded the International Olym-
        The performing artists apply to the ICAF where a       pic Committee, envisaged the Olympics to reunite
        panel of judges selects the best performances and en-  “muscle and mind” for cooperation and peace among
        sures that various forms and cultures are included. The   nations. An Arts Olympics was part of the seven
        visual artists are the winners of the 5th Arts Olympiad,   Olympic Games held between 1912 and 1948. Gold
        the ICAF’s flagship program which is organized in      medals were awarded to artists, musicians, sculptors,
        nearly 100 countries around the world.                 architects, and writers. At the Helsinki 1952 Olym-
           At the Casablanca American School in Morocco,
        the Arts Olympiad was organized by art teacher         pics, the Arts Olympics was abandoned because of the
                                                               controversy that the artists were professionals and not
        Giselle Gruen. The students were given two articles    amateurs like the athletes.
        to read from the materials about the Arts Olympiad        Ms. Gi (as students call her) gave a quiz about art
        and the body in motion as inspiration to art. Students   and sport in which the class did quite well. Students
        learned that in ancient Greece, the Games were held    were introduced to the “Artist-Athlete Ideal” of the
        every four years in Olympia in honor of the god Zeus.   creative mind and healthy body. Then came the pro-
        The Romans conquered Greece in mid-2nd century         duction of art on the theme, My Favorite Sport. In all,
        B.C., but the games continued but as a show. Em-       130 paintings were produced, many successfully show-
        peror Nero fell off his chariot during the race but still   ing bodies in motion. On November 24, 2014, these
        declared himself the winner. In 393 A.D., Emperor      works were exhibited in the school and distinguished
        Theodosius, a Christian, banned “pagan” festivals,     guests were invited to select the winners. Twelve paint-
        ending the Olympic tradition after twelve centuries.   ings were chosen and sent to Washington so that the
           Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France revived the
        Games and the first modern Olympics was held in        ICAF judges could select the winner.3

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