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JULY – SEPT 2020

             Editor’s Letter

             A casualty of Covid-19 is the post-
             ponement of the 6th World Children’s

             Festival, which will now take place
             on July 30th–August 1st at The National
             Mall across from the U.S. Capitol.

             Art can be a powerful catalyst for
                                                                         Volume 20, Issue 1, Number 59
             cultural and social change. Art can
             also provide immediate benefits that
             result in better mental and physical                Editor/Publisher        Contributors
             health, especially during this pan-                 Ashfaq Ishaq, PhD       Ngozi Akande
             demic, hence this special issue on                  Assistant Editor        Maria Claudia Albini

             “Art for Health.”                                   Claire Bryan            Karen Alexander

             We are grateful to NEA Chairman Mary                Creative Director       Sara Beck, PhD
             Anne Carter for writing for ChildArt                Katie Verrant           Mary Anne Carter
             and we thank all other contributors. We                                     Gayathri J. Dowling, PhD

             are also grateful to those who have                 Designer                Sloka Ganne
             worked behind the scenes to make this               Shannon Smith
                                                                                         Katia Delrahim Howlett, PhD
             issue possible, in particular Frederick             Graphic Artist

             Marks, ICAF Board Member, and                                               Miriam Diane Lense, PhD
                                                                 Mimi Shang
             Sunil Iyengar, NEA Director of Research                                     Susan Magsamen
             and Analysis.                                       IT Director             Ssembiro Mike
                                                                 Melanie Lontsi          Che Sabalja, MA, MS
             While we rely on science to free us

             from Covid-19, art opens windows to                 Media Officer           D. Paul Schafer
             new vistas and can serve as a mirror                Maya Barnes Dholakia    Tracy L.F. Worley, DM, PMP
             for self-improvement.


                                                                 Next issue: ChildArt (Oct-Dec 2020) will be on the ABCD
                                                                 Study in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health
                                                                 and the National Endowment for the Arts

                                                                 COVER ART
             Ashfaq Ishaq Ph. D.                                 “The Camping Site” by Alina Ponomarenko, Age 11, Texas
                                                                 BACK COVER ART
             Chairman                                            “Gymnasts in Action” Aishling Kelly, Age 11, Arizona
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