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                                           STATE  OF

                                           THE   ART

                                               Let’s begin with our country’s two premier institutions,
                                               the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nation-
                                               al Institutes of Health. With its $162 million budget
                                               for 2020, the NEA strengthens America’s creative

                                               capacity by providing diverse opportunities for arts
                                               participation. The NIH will spend $41.7 billion on
                                               medical research in 2020 to turn discoveries into
                                               improved health for the nation.

                                               NEA Chairman Mary Anne Carter makes a compell-
                                               ing case for the arts and arts education for you. The
                                               NIH’s Dr. Howlett and Dr. Dowling introduce you to
                                               a seminal ten-year study involving 12,000 school-

                                               children, which will be groundbreaking in our under-
                                               standing of human cognitive development.
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