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the International Child Art Foundation. You learn
         about the Arts Olympiad in a school in Long
         Island, New York, followed by the International
         Arts Olympiads in Nigeria, Argentina, Uganda,
         and Azerbaijan. You also get to meet the Arts
         Olympiad winner from Overland Park, Kansas,
         and see her Covid-19 artworks.

         The third section provides you diverse
         perspectives on the power of the arts to heal,
         inspire, and connect with others. You learn from
         the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hop-
         kins School of Medicine, the author of a
         book titled “Art for Health,” two scientists at
         Randolph College in Virginia and the Vanderbilt
         University Medical Center in Tennessee, and
         finally, from an eminent cultural researcher in

         Toronto, Canada.

         Happy reading and creating!
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