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             We never dreamed we’d wear masks every             together, while maintaining our own health and
             day, wash our hands thoroughly at each turn,       safety. Whether it’s in the stories you tell, the
             or avoid meeting our friends instead of greet-     interactions you have with others, your night-
             ing them. These are surreal times, when the        time doodle, or in your curiosity for the world
             unimaginable becomes the daily reality. No         around you, creativity flows freely. Your sense
             hugs or handshakes. No playdates or outings.       of optimism will bring that creativity out in
             Zoom birthday parties. Will schools reopen         everyone else. You have to use all available
             this fall? What will I do if I test positive? These   tools to keep yourself busy learning every day

             are heavy questions for anyone to carry. How       and staying hopeful and inspired.
             can that weight be lessened in a world full of
                                                                This special issue of ChildArt opens with an
             question but few answers?
                                                                essay by Mary Anne Carter, Chairman of
             One pathway is art! Everyone has creativ-          the National Endowment for the Arts, on the
             ity inside of them and expressing that             importance of the arts for students’ cogni-

             is often a cathartic experience. Not only          tive development and academic performance.
             does partaking in the arts allow us to explore     A seminal neuroscientific study by the Nation-
             our own emotions and minds, but it also has        al Institutes of Health involving 12,000 students
             been proven to have a positive impact on our       over ten years which is outlined in this issue
             mental and physical health. Sharing and ex-        also attests to the value of the arts for brain
             ploring art with others is a great way to create   development.
             community and understanding, and luckily
                                                                This magazine’s second section is about U.S.
             during this time of limited social interation,
                                                                cultural diplomacy through the Arts Olympi-
             art is something we can all create and enjoy
                                                                ad—a free-of-charge school art program of
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