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ChildArt fosters creativity, grows imagination, and develops global competency. Published since 1998, this colorful quarterly magazine is packed with innovative and inspirational ideas for your child, grandchild or students. ChildArt is unique in that it is free of commercial advertisements.

While the magazine's powerful visuals and design makes it fun reading for creative folks of all ages, ChildArt is written expressly for 10 to 14 year olds. The young readers are empowered to overcome the well-documented "4th-grade slump" in creativity, which can continue into adulthood if it gains a foothold. ChildArt draws upon STEAMS Education, which integrates arts and culture ("A") and sport and play ("S") with STEM disciplines for a creative and holistic education.

"Not only is this professionally-produced magazine both visually and intellectually engaging in content and design, but in these days of steady cutbacks in U.S. arts education programs, it offers a cogent reminder of art's central role in linking world cultures, each to each. For its polycultural outlook and special focus, ChildArt is unique among magazines for children –but readers of any age will find it a rewarding way to broaden their horizons." - John Peters, The New York Public Library

ChildArt is currently available as an e-Magazine, with US$30 as annual subscription.

2019 issues:

January - March 2019 Online Safety & Learning
April - June 2019 Empathy
Guest Editor : Dr. Danica Radovanović

2018 Issues:

January - March 2018: Preserving Creativity
Guest Editor: J. Bryan Blundell
April - June 2018: Architecture
Guest Editor: Frederick Marks
July-September 2018: Children's Voices
October-December 2018: VR and Education

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