The International Child Art Foundation is a pioneer in developing children's creativity and empathy and in creating public awareness about the rights of the child to be creative and empathic.
Since 1997 the ICAF has served as the leading art and creativity organization for American children and their international counterparts. We provide free innovative programs and creative experiences that expand their borders and invite them to explore their world and their place in it. We also focus on the child in the adult, providing opportunities to rediscover one's lost creativity by connecting with children's imagination and art.
  • More than 5 million children worldwide have already participated in the Arts Olympiads
  • About 100,000 individuals have attended the ICAF's festivals and exhibitions
  • Nearly 2,000 Arts Olympiad winners have participated in the ICAF's festivals and are now creative and empathic leaders in their communities dotting the globe

Published articles on the ICAF’s impact

The ICAF Fact Sheet (1.48Mb 15-page pdf download)

The ICAF PSA (2005)
2:20 minutes
The ICAF PSA (1998)
10:16 minutes