Children and Crypto are the Future



Your support will help
seed children's
imagination, cultivate
their creativity, and
grow mutual sympathy, to
advance the Fourth
Industrial Revolution.

Theory of Change



Your crypto donation is a tax efficient approach to support children. Since crypto is classified as property, your donation to ICAF a 501(c)(3) charity reduces your capital gains tax because you can deduct the donation from your taxes. For more, please see

ICAF’s school art programs (the Arts Olympiad), events (the World Children’s Festival), and publication (the ChildArt quarterly) advance five critically important UN Social Development Goals: 1) Promote good health, 2) Bring quality education, 3) Ensure gender equality, 4) Reduce inequities, and 5) Build peace in communities and the world at large.

We thank the Autonomous Scoop Shop for making the very first crypto donation to support ICAF and the children.

ICAF in indepently ranked as one of the 25 top childrens charities in the united states



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