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Teen Brains,

    ChildArt  |  Art for Health  Today’s Science,

             Brighter Future

                The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a   and shape a person’s
             government research agency whose goals are         future.
             to support studies to understand the body and         The ABCD Study

             behavior and to use that knowledge to improve   is big—almost 12,000
             health. One of the studies that the NIH sup-       kids. It started when
             ports is called the Adolescent Brain Cognitive     they were 9 to 10 years old, and it will run for
             Development  (ABCD) Study.                         10 years until they are young adults. Partici-
                The ABCD Study will increase our                pants in this $400 million study will meet with
             understanding of how things like the               a local research team every year in-person to
             environment, social interactions,                  answer some questions about their experiences

             genetics and biology, and other factors            and to play games and puzzles that can tell the
             affect brain and childhood develop-                researchers about things like memory, atten-
                                                                tion, reasoning, and planning. Participants also
             ment. It is information that pediatricians,
                                                                provide specimens (such as saliva) for genetic
             teachers, counselors, and parents will be able
                                                                and other testing, and every participant has a
             to use to help you grow up as strong as pos-
                                                                safe non-invasive brain scan (MRI) session
                                              sible and
                                                                to obtain a clear picture of their brain every
                                              become a
                                                                other year.
                                              healthy adult.
                                                                   During the interviews, researchers are ask-
                                              It will also
                                                                ing kids like you and caregivers about their
                                              help policy-
                                                                family lives, friends, school, and extracurricular
                                              makers when
                                                                activities, how much they use different types
                                              making deci-
                                                                of screens, their sleep and exercise patterns,
                                              sions about
                                                                among other experiences. They are also look-
                                              laws that im-
                                                                ing at the effects of participating in artistic
                                              pact adoles-
                                                                activities like dance classes, learning how to
             A study participant preparing for MRI.  cent health
             ABCD Study®, Teen Brains. Today’s Science. Brighter Future.®, and the ABCD Study Logo are registered marks of the U.S. Depart-
             ment of Health & Human Services (HHS). Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development SM Study, is a service mark of HHS.
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