Come Join the Creativity Revolution

Creativity and empathy are often overlooked but are preconditions for prosperity, preservation, and peace. You can help prepare the next generation of creators and investors, entrepreneurs and artists, innovators and peacemakers in the following ways:

The 5th Arts Olympiad

Introduce 8- to-12-year-old children to this prestigious art &sport program, which is free-of-charge

ChildArt Magazine

Gift this amazing creative education quarterly to a child or your neighborhood library

Art ExhibitionsArts Olympiad

Host an exhibition to introduce the imagination of the world’s children to your community or corporation

5th World Children's Festival

Plan to participate in the “Olympics” of children’s imagination and help shape the future

Healing Arts Programs

Support victims of natural disasters in their psychological recovery

Peace Through Art

Sponsor a program in a conflict zone to provide children a new perspective on opportunities.


Invite the children as panelists at your next conference

Consulting Services

Contact the ICAF for its expertise on children and for events and products designed for them

World Children's Award

Contact the ICAF to apply for this unique Award from the world’s children

Creativity Manifesto: