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Ballet de Barrio
                                in Cali, Colombia.

                                                                                 The Mauri from
                                                                                Opotiki, New Zea-
                                                                               land, performed the
                                                                               haka, the traditional
                                                                                  Mauri dance.

                                                                   Indian Cultural
                                                                   Academy from
                                                                 Mumbai performed
                                                                 the Bharatanatyam, a
                                                                   temple dance.

                     “Lada,” a Russian
                      Children’s Folk

        Welcome to the 5th                   Students apply this                  showcase their talents on
        World Children’s Festival  knowledge by creating a                        the “World Stage,” a true
        (WCF)!  This global cele- personal work of art en-                        gem and highlight of the

        bration of creativity took  couraged by the theme                         WCF.  Following the

        place in Washington, DC  My Favorite Sport.                               WCF, the Arts Olympiad
        from June 30th to July                  In the second year,               exhibition spends the
        4th of 2015, and includ- exhibitions are held in                          final year of the Olym-

        ed visual and performing  schools and cities around  piad cycle traveling to

        artists from across the              the world, where the                 prominent venues across
        U.S. and 50 countries.               winning artworks are                 the globe.  Together, this
           First, some back-                 selected, and students’              cycle of competition,

        ground. Every four years,  creativity is celebrated.                      exhibition, festival, and

        the ICAF launches the                The following year, Arts             further exhibition draws
        Arts Olympiad in class-              Olympiad winners travel  public awareness to the
        rooms worldwide. Lesson  to Washington, DC                                importance of creative

        plans introduce students  to join extraordinary                           education.

        to the “Artist-Athlete               performing artists se-                  The WCF is a unique
        Ideal” of the creative               lected by the ICAF from  event fostering creativ-
        mind and healthy body.   around the world to                              ity, empathy, and mutual

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