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The Magazine of the International Child Art Foundation

                                                                                  OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2015
                                                                                  Volume 15, Issue 1, Number 44
                                                                              October/December  2015  The Magazine of the International Child Art Foundation

                                                                                   diversity and
        EDITOR’S NOTE                                                               unity

        Dear Reader,
        The toughest and yet the most exhilarating and
        heartwarming responsibility I have is to organize the
        World Children’s Festival (WCF) every four years.
                                                                               Publisher and Editor ASHFAQ ISHAQ, Ph.D
        This issue bursts with the excitement of the festival                   Managing Editor CHRISTIE BERMAN
        and the magic it creates.                                           Editorial Assistance  NICOLE KIGHT, ELIZABETH
                                                                               OLADOYINBO and SAMANTHA OLSEN
           Also special about this issue is that ChildArt is now
        an eMagazine. By moving to the digital realm, we can                    Creative Director SARA N.A. SUTTLE
                                                                                 Senior Designer SHANNON SMITH
        honor our commitment to limiting children’s expo-
        sure to advertisements while still providing a quality              SERGEY GAGAUZOV, ELIF ILKEL, YVES GERARD
        publication at a reasonable price. We hope you like               ISSEMBERT, BRIAN MCNEAL, MARK MCLAUGHLIN,
                                                                               SONIA MONSON, KELSEY SCHAEFER
        reading ChildArt on your device as much as you liked                        AND MARTHA TAYLOR
        reading the printed copy. We look forward to your
        comments, which can be emailed to
        or posted at                       ChildArt ISSN 1096-9020. Copyright 2015 International Child Art Foundation.
                                                                      When a child’s creativity is ignored it could be lost forever. Published since 1998,
                                                                      ChildArt quarterly magazine fosters creativity and imbues it with empathy through
        I hope you enjoy this issue and learn many                    global learning. The International Child Art Foundation serves American children as
                                                                      their national arts and creativity organization that employs the arts to build bonds
        new things!                                                   of understanding between them and their peers around the world.
                                                                                  a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that prepares children for a
                                                                                  creative and cooperative future. ICAF is the only national art
                                                                                  and creativity organization for children in the United States.
         With best wishes,                                                        ICAF  is  also  the  only  worldwide  umbrella  organization
                                                                                  promoting children’s creativity and imagination through the
                                                                      arts.To subscribe to ChildArt magazine, call 202-530-1000, fax 202-530-1080, or
                                                                      ChildArt is published quarterly by ICAF. Submissions may be edited even when
                                                                      accepted. Submissions of artwork and other material to ChildArt are made at
                                                                      the risk of the sender. ChildArt quarterly magazine, published since 1998, is a
                                                                      commercial-free arts learning, self-discovery, and global education periodical.
                                                                      Donations are tax-deductible and support children’s creative and empathic devel-
        Ashfaq Ishaq Ph. D.                                           opment. You can also make a donation to ICAF by sending a check to:
        Chairman                                                      International Child Art Foundation
                                                                      P.O. Box 58133
                                                                      Washington, DC 20037, USA
                                                                      Tel: (202) 530-1000

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